Nappies - Trail-Blazer (Walker: 13 - 18kg)
Nappies - Trail-Blazer (Walker: 13 - 18kg)
Nappies - Trail-Blazer (Walker: 13 - 18kg)
Nappies - Trail-Blazer (Walker: 13 - 18kg)
Nappies - Trail-Blazer (Walker: 13 - 18kg)

Nappies - Trail-Blazer (Walker: 13 - 18kg)

Subscription Nappies & Wipes Available Now!

Super soft, slimline and beautifully designed, our nappies are absorbent, with triple layer protection to help prevent nappy rash and keep baby feeling drier for longer. Thankyou nappies are also enriched with soothing aloe vera and vitamin E, are hypoallergenic and free from nasties like chlorine and latex.

The best part?This box of nappieshelps fund safe births or health care to empower mums and bubs in need.Changing nappies, just got life-changing!

  • Even better absorbency, without unnecessary bulk
  • Monochrome designs printed with safe, baby-friendly inks
  • Hypoallergenic
  • No Chlorine, Latex or Fragrance
  • Metal and lead free inks
  • For boys & girls
  • Nappy Pants360° Stretchy waistband for easy change

NEW! Nappy Pants

Our new nappy pants have a 360 degree soft and stretchy waistband for a quick change and they hold a lotta liquid. Seriously, a lot.

The first move is Pull It
You put your little world changer's legs through the holes in the nappy (the Thankyou logo goes on the front) and pull them up to their waist. Make sure the stretchy skirts are secure around the legs to stop any leaks while your little one is getting down on the dance floor.

Next up is Rip It
When it's time for a change, lay your little one down and tear the sides of the waistband from top to bottom. You can do this move while bub is standing but only if it's a wet one (trust us on this one!)

Finish with Roll It
After a change, take the used nappy and roll'er up. With the Thankyou logo facing up, roll the nappy from the bottom to the top. Peel off the handy blue strip to 5cm and wrap it around the nappy to secure it.


Nappy Weight Approx. Age Nappies In Pack
Little Dreamer (Newborn) up to 5kg 0 - 3 Months 108
Bundle of Joy (Infant) 4kg - 8kg 3 - 6 Months 96
Go Getter (Crawler) 6kg - 11kg 6 - 12 Months 90
Mover & Shaker (Toddler) 10kg - 15kg 12 - 18 Months 72
Trail-Blazer (Walker) 13kg - 18kg 18 - 24 Months 64
Little Champion (Junior) 16kg+ 24 Months+ 60

We wanted our nappy names to reflect who your baby is, not just their size.Pretty soon your little human will start exploring their world and charting their own course in history. Parenting can be a crazy rollercoaster, and sometimes it's easy to overlook the best moments, so, go down the slide, play hide and see, even read that same cheesy book for the hundredth time (yeah, we've all been there). Life becomes pretty simple when we look at it from a kids' perspective!

Our nappies are carefully made with premium materials to fit well and work effectively during the day and overnight. We use super strong (but comfy) velcro and spandex elastic in the waists and cuffs for a snug fit and to protect from leaks and skin irritation.

Sustainable Sourcing

The wood pulp in our slimline (and super absorbent) nappies is sourced from long-term sustainably managed forests. A slimmer nappy = less wood pulp, less packaging material, less waste and a smaller environmental footprint.

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